ISKAT is a multimedia research on a historical fact, the Revolution of Egypt of 25 January 2011.

The big wave of Revolutions that have invested North Africa and the Middle East is changing radically the political and social order of that area, and consequently of the entire world, and at the same time our western vision of the life and the “Arab” culture, apparently distant, but in reality absolutely more close than what we expected.

ISKAT (literally ” falling”, meaning the fallen of the system, but not only that) is a multimedia investigation that is born from “Alexandria Buio Luce” (Alexandria Darkness Light) , an idea by Eleonora Trani, author of the text and performer, that has lived in first person the difficult but stimulating situation of the Egyptian Revolution.

The production video & photographic, is cured by Tea Guarascio. Through her ability on mixing footage and unpublished material, Tea evokes the different states of mind, like fear, delirium and all the contrasting feelings experienced by the author in Alexandria. In that way she manages to communicate the darkness and the light as originally intended along the text.

The audio is produced by Claudio Curciotti,musician and sound researcher. In this work he joins field recordings and electronic sounds, succeeding to create a sonorous landscape in which the spectator gets completely plunged into moments of darkness and light.

thanks to telenoika for the location!


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