Performed at Stanica cultural node, Zilina-Zariecie, Slovakia


ABANDONED is a concept based on insights of musician/visual artist’s multiple visits in Egypt, a music based film about this encounter. Encounter with country often oblivious to its ancient and modern history; with dynamic culture of street in country’s cities. The artistic endeavors, the struggle of small businesses in a climate of political oppression and collapsing economy. The beauty of natural and historical heritage, the beauty of people.

I found people who had abandoned any hope on a better future, themselves abandoned by the state. I’ve seen abandoned buildings, decadent villas. Ghost areas covered in rubbish. Abandonment by international media, focusing on Islamic fundamentalism rather then socio-political corrosion. I’ve heard music from broken speakers in the streets, distorted sounds, traditional percussions mixed with electronic Arab pop. I’ve heard never-ending street noise, night and day, listen and watched those millions of ones…abandoned.”


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