Hello Mahadev (BSL_059)

Quote from Brainstormlab.org:

Always a pleasure when our very own mystical nomad comes “home” – IQbit dropping another album of eclethnic beats with Hello Mahadev. For those familiar with IQbit from his early days as A-Cycle and period of extreme glitch with Sytrjv by way of his foley project FIELD ABUSE will know by now that he has traded in his glitched ‘camels’ for real camels and the journey he takes you on is as physical as it is cerebral. The VIDEO by Claudio Curciotti, released with this album, proves as much…

EP OUT NOW on www.brainstormlab.org

Written and Produced by IQbit

Cover Design by Niccolò Albani – Plaingraph


Released on Brainstormlab



All tracks / design under creative commons



contact _  info@brainstormlab.org


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