Pas la peine d’apporter des fleurs

Sound recording for:

Pas la peine d’apporter des fleurs

Burlesque autobiography


Jérôme, holding a bouquet of lilies, goes to Mamie’s for their weekly date, Wednesday afternoon tea. Everything is fine, says his grandmother, but the truth is, as always, that the subject of the conversation is how tired she is of living on this earth. Grandmother and grandson start to imagine the best way to take leave of life, from a simple accident to the most exotic scheme, to the most spectacular, whilst the hands on the clock on the wall go round. Jérôme Walter Gueguen (Le sedie di Dio, MFF 2014) sketches with zany tenderness the relationship with a beloved person, without sacrificing the possibility of laughing heartily and with hints of surrealism about important subjects such as old age and death.

Author: Jérôme Walter Gueguen
Country: FRA
Production year: 2014
Format HD
Production: Les Films du Lemming

Poster by Little Points

Presented at Milano Film Festival 2015



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