Contempt – Nut dance company

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Anna Suykerbuyk
Bashka Jombikova
Nadine Emile
Shaymaa Shoukrey
Al Kamel Ragab
Mahmoud Elhaddad
Mostafa Ebaid

Music and Soundtracks:
Claudio Curciotti

Costume and Set Designer:
Israa EL Shorbagy

Light Designer:
Saber El Sayed

Stage Manger:
Ahmed Mowafy

Media Coordinator:
Nadine Emile

Tarek Mostafa

Karim Saleh

Hazem Header

About “Contempt”

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change
Change he called a pathway up and down, and this determines the birth of the world.

So said or believed the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Are these just some quotes, some words has nothing to do with reality? Or this simple quote of his “You could not step twice into the same river” has really the answer of what is real and what is not in this world?!

Different cultures and religions contemplate our existence trying to make sense of our place in this world and our place once we leave it; So much struggle for meaning, for purpose. And in the end, we find it only in each other and happening by itself, by nature and by ourselves; we dream of hope, we dream of change, of fire, of love, of death. And
then it happens. The dream becomes real. And the answer to this quest finally shows itself in an image of an Evolution that is been made by nature or even in a revolution that is been made by us; and both are nothing but states of change.

When a change comes, evolution selects its agents and it does so at a cost and some species feel the urge to migrate, they call it zugunruhe. “A pull of the soul to a far off place,” following a scent in the wind, a star in the sky.

It also makes demands in exchange for singularity. And you may be asked to do something against your very nature. And you do it because you know the goal here is nothing short of self-preservation. Survival.
We are, if anything, creatures of habit. And to survive in this world, we hold close to us those on whom we depend, drawn to the safety and the comfort of the similar.





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