Alessandria Buio Luce (Alexandria Darkness Light) is a multimedia performance inspired to the events happened in Egypt after January 25th, 2011. Through electronic music and field recordings, poetry and video, the performance recalls the emotions connected to the experience of the latest Egyptian Revolution. The fear and the hope are the main elements of this work, realized from artists who have lived in Egypt during the days of the fall of Mubarak’s regime.

Beside the historical-political debate, the performance tries to bring back the spectator to live the primary emotions connected to this great event that has changed the history of the country and is changing the Arabic world.

Alessandria Buio Luce is the result of a year-long investigation into sound and its relation with social issues and political crisis in Egypt. An investigation by Claudio Curciotti in conjunction with the Goethe Institute and the Institut Français in Alexandria.

The authors, Claudio Curciotti and Eleonora Trani, have lived a year in Alexandria of Egypt, an experience that has influenced their artistic work. The music, which is characterized by melodic and harmonic chromaticism, express the feeling of hope; long drones are used in order to increase the expressive power of field recordings.

The poetry Alexandria Darkness Light recalls a personal experience of the author Eleonora Trani. She found herself facing difficult but meaningful moments in a improvised shelter in the district of Al Attarine, downtown Alexandria, during the days of greater violence.

The video is composed mainly from a collage of photo and clips alternated with moments of darkness. The relation between sounds and images generate a strong emotional involvement in the spectator, thanks to a particular use of the audio/visual synchronization.

Claudio Curciotti – Audiovisual
Eleonora Trani – Poetry


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